Bee Gentle - Scrub Mask 30 ml.

€ 40,00

Bee Gentle a coldpressed ecologic scrub mask with essences.This rich formula softens, nourishes, reduces wrinckles, heals and cleans your skin deeply. This helps to bring your skin in balance and make’s it flexible and less containable for bacteria and fungi.

With the little saltgranules it gently scrubs impurifications and dead skincell’s away and activates the blood circulation, your immune system and the rejuvenation of the cell renewal. Bee Gentle can be used for a short scrub or leave it on for 15 minutes for an extra hydratation. This product makes the skin younger and brings at the same time the brains in relaxed condition. Very healthy and illuminating after a stressful day!

Simmondsia - Cera flava - Prunus amygdalus - Cananga odorata - Citrus sinensis/C. - Himalaya salt


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