Bee Gentle - Scrub Mask 30 ml.

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Every morning clean skin and a radiant complexion.

Bee Gentle is an exfoliating mask. Its ultra gentle formula-rich in plant extracts and essential oils-does not disturb pH levels and can therefore be used daily. It cleanses and rids your skin of dead skin cells, impurities are drained and your complexion radiant.

Apply it in a thin layer and swirl it over the skin with your fingers. It cleanses, softens, nourishes, moisturizes, heals and reduces wrinkles in your skin.

Dry your skin and apply a cream. If your skin suffers from acne or really needs intensive healing, it is beneficial to use the Clean it Up afterwards to initiate an additional restorative action.

Bee Gentle can be left on for 2 minutes or longer for extra hydration. This product will leave your skin looking younger while bringing your brain into relaxed condition.

3 types of plant oil - Cera Flava - Himalayan salt - 2 types of essential oils.


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