Stay Young, Die Pretty - Face Cream 50 ml.

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Stay Young, Die Pretty 

is an ecological face cream. full of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants with a wealth of essential oils.
The cream absorbs smoothly into the skin, replenishes deficiencies and provides protection without sealing the skin so it can breathe.
Moisturizing and relaxing. Makes your skin soft and inhibits inflammation.

Also fades pigmentation spots, tightens pores, reduces scars, fights wrinkles, protects against solar radiation (SPF 30), cold wind and polluted air. This formula helps boost the immune system, balances sebum, firms the skin and creates a radiant complexion.

Stay Young, Die pretty whether you have oily, dry, sensitive, allergic, damaged, irritated or perfect skin... you'll love this skin care product. 

6 types of plant oils & 9 types of essential oils.

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