Stay Young, Die Pretty - Face Cream 50 ml.

€ 65,00

Stay Young, Die Pretty is a coldpressed vegetal, ecologically rich in minerals, vitamins and anti-oxydants face cream with essences. This formula is a royal luxery. It moisturizes, relaxes, softens, nourishes and inhibits inflammation. It is pigmentation fading, narrows pores, reducing scars, fighting wrinkles, protects from the sun (SPF 30), chilly wind and environmental pollution. 

The cream glides on smooth into the skin, complements shortages and leaves a protective layer without closing the skin so that the skin can breathe. It strenghtens the immune system, is sebum regulating, skin lifting, firming and prevents allergic reactions. 


Stay Young, Die pretty is made to give every kind of skin Nature protection & Radiant skin.


Ingredients: ecological plant oils & ecoloical essential oils.

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