unique - organic - handmade - ecological - fair - earth friendly - animal friendly  


Are you looking for 100% nature cosmetics and parfums made in a earth friendly and sustainable way ?

Skincare that really improves your skin and makes you not only looking good, but feeling good too?

Then Aromalogic by House of Hulsman is your favorite.


Aromatherapist Valentine Hulsman applies aromatherapy based on precise botanical knowledge. Since the early 1990s she has been making products in her lab at House of Hulsman from luxury  plant oils with pure essences. She designs natural products for individuals and companies and has a range of productions to her name. Artisan earthly products that carry the powerful essences and make a full natural product that heals and balances your skin. With the products of Aromalogic you get the best in a radiant, energetic and harmonious way, to protect yourself against environmental influences and get healthy, happy and beautiful!


What is aromatherapy?
Aromatherapy is a holistic natural medicine and if it's done with the right essences creates balance for body, mind and soul.

Essences used for products in House of Hulsman and in Aromalogic are 100% pure and  as much as possible ecological.

To bring a good harmony between body, mind and soul. They activate the self-healing ability and create a strong & stable condition.

Essences or essential oils  are plant juices which are  distilled, pressed or extracted  out of plants, flowers, trees, roots, nuts, seeds, branches, twigs and fruits. 

It is extremely important that the essences come from healthy soil and are harvested at the right time, bottled and stored properly,    and made into a complete product in the right combination and dosage. 

There is a large trade in counterfeit or ill-made essences that do not do credit to aromatherapy. When properly made it is always a friendly fragrance, never a sharp one. Valentine gives workshops in real essences and recognizing bad ones.