Valentine put the profession of Aromajockey on the map. She was the perfume specialist of the Dutch Dance Scene starting in 1993. In the Testlab Club she set the tone for perfuming halls, building and events, the way it was done in the palaces of the old world. Much of her knowledge she gathered from dermatologist and aromatherapist Monica Siebers, the Dutch founder of aromatherapy and founder of the Academy of Aromatherapy and Chi Int. 


 In the care for the elderly  she trained many nurses throughout The Netherlands in how to apply aromatherapy in order to take better care of demented elderly, thereby relieving the elderly and creating a better atmosphere in their care homes and uplifting their spirits. It is beautiful to see a cramped body relax by specially developed blends, the elderly get really happy from good scent.

She trains private individuals and various professional groups in aromatherapy workshops.

She received the Silver Star for training all Dutch  hair specialists of Kerastase/L’Oreal.

Valentine worked at many locations: from London to Kazachstan, from South-America to the US: everywhere people are grateful and intrigued by the workings of aromatherapy and the abilities she brings with her.


Among Valentine's customers are:

Backstage Make-Up studio

Chi Int.


El Bulli

Hallo Academie

Johnson & Johnson

Kerastase L 'Oreal



Mail & Female

Philip Morris


Stedelijk Museum



Testlab Dance Club

Volkenkundig Museum


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